Poem for Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day)

May 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

(yes, it’s an obvious one…)

from “Memorial Day”

I asked Tuli Kupferberg once, “Did you really jump off of The

Manhattan Bridge?” “Yeah,” he said, “I really did.” “How

come?” I said. “I thought that I had lost the ability to love,”

Tuli said. “So, I figured I might as well be dead. So, I went one

night to the top of The Manhattan Bridge, & after a few

minutes, I jumped off.” “That’s amazing,” I said. “Yeah,” Tuli

said, “but nothing happened. I landed in the water, & I wasn’t

dead. So I swam ashore, & went home, & took a bath, & went

to bed. Nobody even noticed.”

-Ted Berrigan and Anne Waldman, Memorial Day (orig. published by The Poetry Project, St. Marks Church In-the-Bowery, 1971; reprinted in 2005 by Funhouse Press).

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§ 2 Responses to Poem for Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day)

  • sonofwalt says:

    I love this poem. I swear I heard it once a long time ago, but I cannot remember where. Thanks for bringing back to me!

    • dpcoffey says:

      Dear SoW, Thanks for your note! Memorial Day is a book-length poem and a collaboration between Ted Berrigan and Anne Waldman. What I’ve excerpted is a very, very small part. Glad it brought back positive memories!

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