Poem for Wednesday, May 30

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I lost my mucus plug which
is funny since I’m Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
and did not expect to get pregnant
to begin with. Here are some cool facts you should
probably know before you start sending
my soon-to-be-born son X-mas presents:

My real name is Geraldine Ferraro
and that is the name of the woman who
got me pregnant which means I got myself
pregnant. Get it? It all went down
at the Cleveland Clinic in Dayton, Alaska.

I’m also America’s first face
transplant and grew up in the town where Robert
Lowell’s poem “Skunk Hour” takes place.
Hell yeah, I’ve seen where that skunk stuck
her snout in sour cream, so steeped in idealism.

FYI, Edgar Allen Poe wrote an excellent
short story on a case of mistaken
identity where the ego creates
and projects itself onto the basket-
ball court which mirrors the political

arena where Ms. Ferraro spent most
of her formative years. But it’s Schelling’s
concept of “identity” illustrating
the interaction of the individual
with its counterpart man and machine,
deus ex machina, father and son,
that keeps me going back to the game.

Sandra Simonds, from Mother Was a Tragic Girl (Cleveland State U. Poetry Center, 2012).


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