Poem for Friday, June 1

June 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Two from Brian Joseph Davis


Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK to impress Jodie Foster. She
was only two but she already held great power and influ-
ence over angry loners and aspiring poets.


Dirty and cheap, like a discount lingerie shop. That’s how my head feels,
he writes, just before he turns off the lights. He kisses his
sleeping wife’s forehead, leaves his Malibu home at three
AM. Down to Kinko’s on Sepulveda to make thirty
copies of the latest issue of his personal zine, Cataclysm
. The cover is a collage of astronomical charts and
pictures of tornadoes clipped from Time magazine. The
logo is hand-drawn magic marker, but he likes its
simplicity. He recently traded ads with Ewan McGregor’s
anarcho-zine, Sheep Fucker, in an attempt to boost sales.

Later, when he is sure no one is watching, he glues
sparkles and stamps smiling kitties on the front cover.

Each one slightly different.

-Brian Joseph Davis, Portable Altamont (Coach House Books, 2005)


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