Poem for Saturday, June 2

June 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Collisions of Yellow

Hanging on the edge of rain
Waiting for it to change to snow // the mums
Are ready to be planted, red & gold.
I am waiting for a miracle,
Have it in my hand, then lose it like a book of poems
Filled with iguanas and the edge of rain.
These are memories, these are
Instances of now, these are
What occurs when I almost back into a truck
& see it just at the instant of
Collision. I have been spared so many
Times. Names like ceilings
I call, challenges like floors.
The edge of rain is blue.
I am crossing distances, thinking of those
Who touched me, made me turn
Into the light, or made me turn away.
It does not matter which you are.
The rooms are yellow, the rooms are filled
With candles like little moons
Able to be held in the hand to proofread
The world. I have seen many
Miracles. Though I am an ordinary woman,
Scarred throughout my body,
Scarred throughout. My lover, he kisses
My wrists like doves.

-Carolyn Srygley-Moore, from Memory Rituals: An Army of Suns (Tjgrszmk Publishing, 2011)

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