Poem for June 8

June 16, 2012 § Leave a comment


You told me the other night
That you Googled yourself
And found a boring YouTube video
Made by a highschool kid with your
Name. In the video, he said his
Name, you said, and it was so weird.
Somewhere in something
That you had sang to me that you had written
This occurred, something about you having
No name, or a name that might as well be no
name at all. Or no identity. And the dead
Generality of your childhood you’d woken
Up from. I thought of that Nabokov novel
Despair. And Schumann, or was it Schubert?
The Doppleganger. In any case, I said, How can you read
So much — and you cut me off and
Said, And know so little? and I said
No no. How can you read so much while
You are writing and not become so seduced
In every different direction that you
Betray the thing you’re writing?
I do everything in spurts, you said.
When I sent you the mp3
Of “He’s a Rebel” by The Crystals
It was because I think you are
A kind of rebel, the kind that I like
The kind who is not afraid
Of what he wants
And who lives in the confusion of it
By reading.
I also sent it
To make fun of you
Because I think your college memories
And father complex are not really much
To rebel against, I mean, seriously,
In this world we’re living in.

– Ariana Reines, Coeur de Lion (Fence Books, 2011 (originally published in 2007 by Mal-O-Mar)).


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