Poem for June 29

July 7, 2012 § Leave a comment


Sleep credulity frenzied cannot distract
Aristotle acts
Pudding orbs and trees in balance come to credulity
Whispered credulity
Conflict in credulity
Contrast in credulity
It takes credulity to grasp at a varied something
Credulity in the same direction
Credulity becoming more by comparison
Credit credulity
Clutter credulity
Credulity we counter with credulity freely
The credulity of the clown is a mishap merry miserably
The credulity of the populace umbrellaed in the rain
The credulity of the conscious mind binds it to its intuitions
The credulous proceed
Credibility accrues to the singer who knows the words to her song
The horse pulling the cart was not credulous, the dog following it was intentionally
Things invite credulity
Events demand credulity
Credulity in yonder mountain forms correctly
Belief goes under
Credulity overcomes three girls playing hopscotch temporarily
Leaping credulity leaps with credulity
Stretching credulity
Continuing credulity
Insufferable leaping credulity thumps
Reverse credulity
The credulous must sudden, sink, or circus
The credulous come from credulity and arrive late askew
Then half from that they proceed
Half again from that some thriving carts shrink as they approach
The thriving carts stop to let rules off
Tossing credulity, we live vaguely to include complications
Others are never explained
Picnicking with inexplicable credulity, we sit in the shade and form a massive figure
We shift and form another
With credulity provided, we tag walls
Remember credulity in darkness, task at hand
Take credulity for gravity
Lacking credulity I pull my tongue
Gaining credulity I rise to speak
I scrawl graffiti on the wall and sign one “Zola,” one “Waghead,” one “Banquet,” one “Vote,” and one “Honky Bitch of the Bamboozledoisie”
Everything gives of signs of credible life
The credulous are easy to tease
We seat ourselves comfortably one by one and are recognized
Logic goes right out the door, doubt having left it open
Ambivalence can’t determine the heights to which we’ll climb
An incredible saga
Credulity is incomplete
Why not believe big bodies!
Why not ride wild horses?
There is no superfluous credulity among us
Credulity is rarely indifferent
Light, light, thick light down the middle and around the sides sets off credulity
Thus the bronze equestrian
Shrink credulity or shimmy it
Calendar credulity or cost it
Come, singer, and prove the song
Credulity recedes to the background
Credulity returns as a result
Credulity in motion encompassing credulity
Let’s just hope that farm animals stay more credible than military figures in a field
Thus the bronze equestrian
Stravinsky, what a genius!
See circus and believe it!
Can we
Personal credulity
Credited credulity
Credulity slips into the cot
We can chronicle credulity
An incredible drama
January through October we confess credulity
The moonlight is critical

-Lyn Hejinian, from The Book of a Thousand Eyes (Omnidawn, 2012)

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