Poem for July 20

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Is it true centuries
old bricks sweat? Do
hot, pissed-on tombs
make the church’s earth

ripple visibly, or shift
this summer, momently?


Piss shoots a precise hole
through St. Mark’s church-
yard snow, and steam rises
a minimal skein of bubbles

on my boot…


So that St. Mark’s springtime
sprays are borne in urine

yellow umbels.


I note these acts and their sound for me
that, performed, drown out monumental
mostly mediocre poetry, seasonally.
It’s autumn, the new season…

Ahh! …whose grave
am I pissing on tonight?


-Steve Levine, from Pure Notations (Toothpaste Press, 1981)

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