Poem for July 30

July 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lost Releases



The Disgruntled Few, “Desire Me, Desire My Dog” / “LP Lips” (Tar Pit)

The Brutal Ax Piggers, “Delectability” / “The M-Shaped Girl” (Swine Barn)

Long Tongues, “A Visit to the Star Morgue” / “Gumballs in My Throat” (Lolly)

League of the Lost, “Inevitability Stomp” / “Preface to Plato” (HoJo)

The Rasp, “Slobbering Brats” / “Filthy Heads Under Faucets” (Bark)

Mighty Joe Young, “The L-Ray Boy” / “Laughing for Money” (Funk & Wagnalls)

Nether Lip, “Gangrene, Gangrene, Mixture of Green Fat and Cream” (Talking Mule)

The Legion of Decency, “John Cage and the Half-Strange Girl” / “Lipless in Love” (4-Play)

Dog Tongues, “Squeeze Me Quick, I’m Leaking” / “Passing Gas in the Dark” (Data Dip)

Frightened Philistines, “I Felt the Shiver of Success” / “Tickle Me” (Dolomite)

Tiny Pink Tips, “Devoted to Dogs” / “Willimantic Afterlife” (Huge)

Three Teens Kill Four, “I Was Conceived at the Opera” / “Devils in My Skin” (Aureola)

Starface, “Slap My Me For Me, George” / “Knock-noggin Hollow” (Chop n Chop)

The Liquefiers, “Rhino Heat” / “I Had My Mask Torn Off at the Office” (Siren)

The Nematodes, “Black Mountain Sweethearts” / “Kidneystone Stew” (Sun)

The Iraquis, “Ayatollah So” / “Gurglin’ Down the Pipe” (Froggie’s Magic Twanger)

The Herald Angels, “Am I Moist Yet?” / “Hash-Brown Eyes” (Ex Cathedra)

Mamie & Ike, “Candy Lips” / “Drool” (Swannee)

The Liquids, “That’s the Dirt Talking” / “The Sound of Slippers on the Stairs of Life” (Mmmotion)

The Toadlings, “Pluckin’ Plankton” / “(I Woke Up with) Caterpillars for Toes” (Manna)

Sweet Rat Treat, “Let’s Grow Weird Together” / “The Druids Were Right” (Nonfat)

Mickey and the Evangelical Reunion, “Mouse Cakes” / “I Saw God at the Barber’s” (Righto)

Unusual Antibodies, “Relax, Relax — Get Tense, Get Tense” / “Trichinosis” (Infested Hog)

The Hubbies, “Hula Hoops in Hell” / “Hubba Hubba” (4H)






Dear Father Blink, “Ice Cream? More Like Frozen Dog Foam” / “Sealed Odors” (Cusp)

Itsy Bitsy, “Pork on the Vine” / “Tinted People After Dark” (Goodwill Industries)

Hamburg Patty and the Seeded Buns, “The Tinted People Go for a Cruise” / “Have You Got Enough Lotion for That Emotion?” (Dagwood)

Sneeze Pie, “Spread Your Money All Over My Face” / “Beefoleum” (Presto)

The Hyena Twins, “You Constipate My Mind” / “Heave Me, Feed Me to the Rocks Below” (Big Bhwana)

Rubber Uppers, “Jealous of Your Knees” / “The Girl with the High-Risk Glands” (IUD)

Young Americans for Freedom, “Challenge from Beneath the Snow, or How Dookie Made My Garden Grow” / “I Quiver for Moles” (New World)

Rapid Rob’t the Rabid Rabbit, “I Wiped the Drool from the Chin of Death” / “Icepick in My Mind” (Bronx Cheer)

The Ovoid Honeymooners, “Whistling Plasma” / “Birth in a Swamp” (Sploink)

Unnatural Yogurt, “Star Squeal” / “Tool and Die, or Just Die” (Agent Orange)

Dr. Indoctrinator & the Eternal Outcries, “What Do Women Want?” (parts 1 & 2, more forthcoming) (Fatter Platters)

Brain Augur and the Trepanning Room, “Lifting the Lid and Peeking Inside for Soup” (Nosey)

The Sobs, “Slim Slams the Slum” / “Do the Turnkey Trot” (Realtors Against Reality)

The Naughty Nuns, “Take It Easy With My Creases” / “Used Honey” (Mumps)

Active Cultures, “The Faculty Hag” / “Making Me Wait Is Making Me Wicked” (Sears)

The Azz, “Tonk Town” / “Little Lenny’s Lying Lips” (Pigwiggle)


-George F. Butterick, from The Collected Poems of… (The Poetry / Rare Books Collection, SUNY at Buffalo, 1988).

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