Poem for August 4

August 4, 2012 § Leave a comment


Nightmare about hamburgers.

Having fallen into one.

Or rather, being swallowed by an avalanche of
undercooked hamburger meat. I am in the pinkest part
of it and try the spitting method to find out which
way is up. I decide, however, that any direction is good
enough so long as it is fast, as my assumption is that no
hamburger can possibly go on forever. I worm my clothes
off so that I can move easier, and am reminded of Carolee
Schneemann’s Meat Joy from the ’60s, though I am finding
no joy in this. I struggle to get my clothes back on as I
realize that the friction from the clothes is necessary to
overcome the grease so that I can get out of this place.

I think I see a light in the distance.

Though it might very easily be a lump of fat.

But worse yet, clearer yet, I begin to smell smoke, a gas-
fired barbeque. I call out, distressed and damselled to the


For lack of a better way to describe the situation — and I am
quoting some long-lost love poem, and so I am.

-Sawako Nakayasu, from Texture Notes (Letter Machine Editions, 2010)

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