2 Poems for August 5

August 5, 2012 § Leave a comment


“Hexagonal energy from the brain,in
Conventional-hysterical wonder-anguish.”
“I know why you came to the party!”

“I have changed, I am currently creepy-pious.
I got in a wreck in my truck. Me”
“I smoked into my tiny telephone while
I stared at the giant rappers.
I was not wedded to their decisions,
I walked out on the back balcony instead…
& I stood out like a bulb.”





In Persepolis in Southern Iran
Jackie and Jeanine stole into a yard
And found a box that
Tore open like smoke on readout scans.
A long-lost father got old.
Looked down from stone piles, beard in ringlets.
His cave of ossified hoaxes was his chest,
His regret was the relationship in the canoe.
Hooked after his years of lovemaking
With her, it was so intense, stoned on meat, tuna
With the brain cut and running out of the nostrils.

But back to the scans — the oral
Bones, the different light blues /
Views of rice & golden. I love it,
As a last image pattern, Tina.

Of course it was all fake and crap
And we made hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Jackie came down to the store and
Like Xerxes was up and calling me a punk.
He did not appear to me disappointed that I was married…
I suppose the intact mummy made arrangements with you.
Or did father once have the receipts? Not listening?
He should have known I was a fey expert on Eastern art.
And never have rehired the man after his stroke.


-Brandon Downing, from Dark Brandon (Faux Press, 2005)


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