Poem for August 9

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment


1. Sun, stroke

What we prized on Lake Ontario shores:
dinosaur jaw, shark teeth, quartz orbs
and goblin ore. Cobalt slivers
of Blue Willow, the crockery smashed
by scullery maids
and washed, washed,
washed to the bone.

Rocks balanced en pointe
by beach-stone technicians.
Couples in jean shorts danced to recorded salsa.
Our stroller did the boardwalk wobble.
Dazed on the sand,
daylight stargazers felt the slow burn.
Rochester obliged as the near horizon.

Waves sent a foaming bottle-message.
Clouds chest-pumped mountain impressions.
The beach walked home in our sandals.

2. After party

Fog appropriate for Day One.
Can we really see you yet, New Year?
Lake Ontario a few yards wide,
the rest is all spaced out.
Champagne cork bobs ashore.
Ice, on the rocks,
takes a boot to the head.
Condom sleeps on sand,
a spent shrivel.
Ducks are bottoms up.


-Kateri Lanthier, from Reporting from Night (Iguana Books, 2o11)

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